Professional Tournament Quality Chess Set Fide Standards 17 X 17 inches Vinyl Board Black and Solid Chess Men with Velvet Base and Handy Zipper Bag


Product Details: Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.81 x 46.61 cm Product Weight : 0.70 kg (Approx.)

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  • ♛ [International Chess] :– Our tournament chess-set is professional by following all the rules of Laws of Chess by maintaining FIDE-STANDARDS. It will give you luxury feeling while playing it. We do not import but manufacture ourselves. Our aim is to provide standard quality at standard rate. “Your SATISFACTION is our MOTIVATION” – CB SPORTZ FOUNDATION
  • ♞ [CHESS BOARD] :– The size of 64 squares playing fied is 17″×17″(43 c.m.) Advanced laser technology provides durability and classic matt finish. Chess matt is easy to fold/unfold. It is non-tearable, washable.
  • ♜ [CHESSMEN] :– Chess pieces are made of standard quality plastic(PURE WHITE & JET BLACK) with 3.75″(9.25 c.m.) King having approx 22g.m. standard weight. Chess piesces are enough weighted & sturdy as per FIDE STANDARDS.Standard weight & red felted silky bottom help chessmen to glide across the board and give them stability, which provides comfort and avoids scratches over board.
  • ♟ [IDEAL GIFT OPTION] :– The perfect gift for your loved ones. Our product is ideal for kids, students, youngsters, schools, chessclubs. Numerous studies have demonstrated a link between chess playing and improvements in educational performance, thinking ability. From visualization and strategic thinking to enhanced memory and concentration, the benefits of chess playing are infinite.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 cm


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