Professional Tournament Quality Chess Board 17″ X 17″ FIDE Standards Made of Vinyl


The attractive classy, convenient chess set makes a great gift. Fordable chess mat is made up of first quality Vinyl material. Easy to take to the park or any outdoor place. Ideal for the chess players, Clubs & Tournaments

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  • Finest quality non-toxic vinyl boards for use in tournament and practice games, our boards are made of top quality vinyl fabrics of FIDE standards specially developed for chess application. They are plain or leatherette grains to give a sober mat feel and pleasing to the eye for long hours of play.
  • Correctly sized for tournament play, this green and white silicone board combines high durability with a lightweight practicality. Unlike other PVC boards, this product can be folded, rolled or shoved haphazardly into a full backpack without any damage or creasing to the playing area.
  • With a square size of 55mm (appropriate for sets up to 4 Inch king height) and co-ordinates with alphanumeric notations, this board is perfect for everyone either professional players or beginners who just started to really study chess.


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