Premium Cricket Leather Ball of 2 Pieces, Double Stitched and Waterproof (Pack of 6)


CB SPORTZ FOUNDATION Cricket balls are specifically designed for Tournament, Club and School level matches. CB SPORTZ FOUNDATION balls are made with a naturally seasoned inner core and a FOUR-PIECE construction. Inner core is wool wounded cork and hence this ball has better shape retention and is very durable. The outer material is made from (leather) that is sturdy, durable and resists wear and tear. It a waterproof balls and weighs in the range of 150 to 160 gms. Seam is double stitched with high quality thread.

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  • Last till 20+ overs in ideal conditions. High quality center construction encased with layers of top quality Portuguese cork wound with 95 percent wool
  • A premium quality four-piece ball made from superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the top grade hide
  • Good abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention
  • Entirely Handstitched Ball ,Alum Hide Tanned. Good Quality of stitching. Four Piece Construction Materials : Leather 2 part cricket ball which means each Cricket Leather Ball is made of 2 parts stitched together which results in superior quality and ensures long durability.
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 cm


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