Jumper Rubber Cricket Ball Multicolor (Pack of 10) Best for Play


Cricket Rubber Balls for Cricket, Pack of 10, Assorted Colour

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  • SUITABLE FOR ALL WEATHERS: These rubber balls are Suitable for all kinds of weather. Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Cricket Play. Perfect for beginners who want to learn swing and spin.
  • COLORFUL: These colorful Rubber balls are great to play outdoor games with friends i.e. Catch and throw, backyard cricket, or any other game for your fun.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Get a feel for bowling with these rubber cricket balls, and it comes with a bounce effect which is facilitated by the innovative design of these rubber balls, providing highly effective bowling practice sessions.
  • CRICKET TRAINING: Made from high-quality rubber materials, these rubber cricket balls have been designed to replicate the look and feel of real balls to effectively prepare your bowlers ahead of a genuine run-up.


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