Chess Men 100% Solid with smooth velvet Base Tournament Quality


Pieces are made of high quality plastic. Made in black and white colour which will go well with any kind of chess board. You can alternately look up our wide range of chess boards to choose from. King size is 4″ in height. Other pieces are proportional to king. Base of the pieces is of 0.75″ Diameter which is suitable for 1.25″ To 1.75″ Square (from 16″ to 20 ” chess board size) or larger chess sets. Most compatible chess boards can be looked up on amazon page by searching.

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  • Made from High Quality Plastic. All pieces are made with high level precision. King height 4 inch. Sturdy 95% plastic filled chessmen. International Staunton Chess pieces. Other pieces are in proportion to Kings Height. Best suited for International Standard Tournament Chess board of 16″ to 20″. Made in Black & White colour which universally suits most Chess Boards. With Velvet base
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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 cm


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