2 inches Gold Medal with Ribbon OLYMPIC Mold Pack of 25 with Printing


We have all played sports, joined in competitions or at least have a friend who has played sports. What we know about each one of these events, is not how everyone played, or even what happened during the contest. At the end of the day, what really matter, is who took home the medal. Get our world class medal and enjoy the feeling of boosting one’s self-esteem

1. Gives acknowledgement to individuals for efforts done and achieved goal.

2. Encourages athletes to strive harder and go for greater success.

3. Provides motivation to individuals in a competition whether in school or office.

4. Perfect addition to your of medals and trophies.

5. A unique way to add to your Olympic or award themed party.

6. The v neck ribbon is also perfect for children joining competitions for spelling bee, school field days and school talent shows.

7. Encourages positive publicity. 8. Inspires others to do better in the future.

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  • USE FOR: classrooms, homes, schools, sports room. Lovely sports poster, comforts and reminds you of your self-worth. Beautifully crafted, compelling message poster inspires and motivates, provides lasting inspiration
  • BRIGHTEN UP ANY EVENT: Our neutrally made medals can make everyone a winner at the school competition, your party, a sports banquet, or any other
  • EXCELLENT RECOGNITION TO INDIVIDUALS :- Our world class medals gives perfect recognition to each winners for their unmatched efforts and recognizes the success that they were able to achieve. It provides pride to winners and motivates others to excel
  • YOU’LL BE PROUD TO DISPLAY THESE AWARDS: better range doesn’t need to mean construction. Our winner awards are made of plastic material and made to survive in the excited hands of little recipients. These golden trophies and medals are so shiny that they’ll fascinate both kids and adults
  • EASY TO STORE and CARRY: These medium-sized and lightweight awards come packed in a sturdy box to facilitate storage. They have the perfect size and weight to be carried
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